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This is how you can lose weight efficiently and quickly with jump rope exercises

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Jumping rope slimming approach, jumping rope is a class of exercise that can be completed by oneself no matter when and where. Compared with aerobic exercise such as walking and running, it has more exercise in the same time. Take 10 minutes as a benchmark, walking consumes 55kcal, running consumes 88kcal, jumping rope can reach 110-130kcal.

Jump Rope Slimming Method:

In order to ensure the effect of slimming, the number of times of jumping rope in a week must be ensured in more than 3 days.

Jump 120 times in one minute, rest for two minutes, repeat jumping 3-5 groups, the movement moment should reach more than 15 minutes.

Do not force, according to their own brawn to adjust the amount of exercise, to 1 minute as a unit of exercise.

Before jumping rope to do a good job of preparatory movements, so that you can accelerate the effect of slimming.

Fundamental posture:

Bladder relaxation, vision on the front.

Two arms elbows stick to the ends of the rib cage, hands stick to the waist.

Quietly grasping the back of the handle, thumbs on the top of the handle, quietly rolling the handle stranded rope to jump.

Let your knees bounce as you jump, and roll the rope quietly with your wrists.

Don’t jump too high, forefoot on the ground, heel not on the ground.

The length of the rope:

Adjust the length according to your own jumping method and frequency and habitual posture. If too long, when shaking with all the arms, not safe; in turn, if too short, will touch the head or feet so shake up will not be smooth.

In the line of the jump rope with one foot on a good, two hands pull the rope, the length of the rope in the breast above is appropriate. If you put a little longer to add difficulty.

7 kinds of jump rope exercise method

Fundamental posture: all the fundamental action of jumping rope skilled in order to do lean jump rope action. Exercise time in each action 2 minutes.

  1. Hopping rope with one foot, shake the rope once, and hop with two feet together. Pay attention to the interval between the two arms is not too long. Jump 2 times with both feet together, shake the rope once, and jump twice with both feet together. At this time, the arms should be shaken a little bigger.
  2. Change feet jumping rope, like running in place the same light jump, in the rope swing when a foot out. Skinny jumping rope for calf and thigh area Using the action of jumping rope can affect the muscles in the calf and thigh area, making the leg line look more elastic. Do each movement for 2 minutes.
  3. left and right open and jump rope, rope in the head when the open legs, when the rope to the feet when the feet jump. Open and merge like a PT.
  4. Open the front and back and jump rope, two feet front and back separated jump rope. When the rope is over your head, open your legs forward and backward, and when the rope is under your feet, jump rope with both feet together. Like walking forward similar, movement before and after the leg is good.
  5. Jump forward jumping rope, two feet apart, legs in the back of the time to relax, similar to the feeling of light kick forward to jump.
  6. To the sides of the rocking jump, two feet to the two ends of the rocking jump.
  7. Kick forward to jump, the beginning of the bent knee to lift the leg back, the second swing time and then straighten the knee to kick forward to jump. When kicking the leg heel force, knee taut. Associated with the kicking dance action will help.

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